Business Process Outsourcing

Taldor offers technological solutions through business process outsourcing and delivering an end-to-end response.

Our clients know that everything they need in order to succeed in the information age is there and managed for them in a one-stop-shop. With a broad spectrum of advanced solutions, a highly skilled workforce and full compliance with your needs, from the preliminary characterization stage to final delivery, we can help you translate your activities into meaningful knowledge and generate substantial value from the information in your possession.

Mapping services and GIS solutions

The largest center for GIS mapping services and solutions in Israel, comprising 200 experts, delivering solutions to over 60 local authorities and to customers in the government and private sectors.
Data gathering and digital conversion expertise, and consulting and support services in respect of Government regulations.
Our teams include professionals from a wide spectrum of technologies who join forces with mapping experts, including geodetic surveyors, photogrammetric surveyors, geographers, cartographers, draftspersons, GIS operators, etc.
The services we offer include systems development and building of geographic databases for real estate registration and management (cadaster) for both the public and the private sectors, setting up of enterprise GIS systems and their integration in the organization's core business, and setting up of national and municipal infrastructure management systems in many market spheres. We have expertise in developing geographic databases, including data entry and data mapping, field surveys and supplementary fieldwork, agricultural and urban aerial photograph analysis, data quality control and data conversion between systems.
Governmental and municipal solutions
In recent years, Taldor has successfully implemented dozens of geographic information management projects and integrated them in organizational information systems. We were responsible for developing the Israel Government map portal (govmap) and the national real estate portal in conjunction with the Israel Mapping Center. The website includes useful and valuable information about real estate transactions in the country on the basis of information accumulated at the government agencies responsible for mapping and registering real estate. The information is based on geographic maps, including cross-sections and segmentations, on issues important to the public. It features up-to-date information, a user-friendly interface and advanced graphics
Together with other departments in the organization, our GIS center specializes in the development of geographic command and control systems. We developed the Shalhevet system for Israel's National Fire and Rescue Authority, based on advanced GIS/GPS technologies. Deployed in over 20 firefighting associations in Israel, the system manages events by streaming information and orders in real time, and helped regain control of the massive fire in the Carmel mountains.

Data scanning, decoding and cleansing

One of the biggest scanning bureaus in the country, providing page scanning services and secure document scanning with the level of secrecy commensurate with the customer requirements, as well as data decoding and cleansing, for dozens of local authorities, banks and Government Ministries.
The bureau scans, decodes and digitally archives millions of pages a year, to high-quality and uncompromising standards, using some of the most advanced software and machines in the world

Exams services for the public sector

The only exams body in the country with end-to-end solutions that include administering of thousands of exams a year by means of: exclusive and innovative software for computerized exams; translation, printing, computerized packaging and scanning services; deployment of mobile computer laboratories; running of exam days, including hiring and instructing of technicians, supervisors, and inspectors; and scoring of exams.

Surveys and studies

Conducting surveys and studies employing the latest technology, senior statisticians and researchers, advanced telephone centers, professional pollsters and computerized systems. The studies, executed for various Government Ministries, are published in the media every year.

Contact centers

Taldor is a highly experienced veteran of the contact center market, proficient in the setting up of centers for short and long-term assignments,
based on the most advanced telephone exchanges in Israel and the world over, experienced analysts and O&M specialists, and expertise in providing high-quality, professional and service-oriented solutions.


Taldor's Control Department is one of the oldest in the country, implementing tens of thousands of controls a year in the public sector, including invoice control, field control, radiation control, equipment and infrastructure control, qualitative interviews and focus groups. The controls are implemented according to a methodology that is tailored to each and every client, and are capable of identifying gaps the correction of which drive real change in the organization.

Taldor Carmiy Yeda

Developing and accompanying learning in organizations; career management and development; integrating technologies; setting up and managing training centers; managing training projects; organizational processes consulting; and organizing of conferences and seminars
• Short and focused learning: Micro Learning / Nano Learning
Micro learning is characterized by construction of short study units, content focused and absorbable, including learning for short-term activities.
• Blended learning
A learning method that combines traditional instruction, that is, face-to-face learning, with online learning.
• Universal Design for Learning
Based on the principle of developing flexible training and learning environments custom tailored to the learners.
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