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Taldor's 1000 experts engage in public, government and financial sectors: system , programmers, testing, mainframe specialists, project managers, instructors, RF experts, etc

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Taldor's experts see themselves as the client's business partner throughout the journey, a one-stop shop, with a personal touch. Our core activity is to study the client's needs and technological requirements in order to provide the broadest possible range of solutions in all the client's lines of business. Taldor has one of the largest pools of technology experts in Israel, affording an unparalleled service experience. These are the experts who will take your organization to the next level.


Taldor has extensive experience in implementing, integrating and maintaining customer relationship management (CRM) systems, from the consulting and characterization stage to training, integration, and routine maintenance. We represent the world's leading companies in CRM systems, and specialize in developing applications and integrating advanced systems. Our staff of top-notch experts, including managers, developers, analysts and integrators in the area of information systems, map the customers needs and not only match up the ideal product, but also develop the applications required for the specific customer relationship processes, and execute the integration and the necessary training. Taldor's clients include high-tech and telecom companies, as well as organizations from the public, banking and financial sectors.

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The complexity of today's organizations requires advanced information systems capable of providing a holistic view of all the departments in the organization. ERP systems represent technological innovation, a different way of thinking, an organizational management approach that optimizes the organization's resources in order to achieve the goals and objectives defined by it. Taldor is one of the foremost integrators in the field, employing the most advanced methodologies of their kind to ensure fast and professional implementation.
We are a gold partner of the leading ERP companies, such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, allowing us to provide each and every organization with the best possible solution, fully suited to their needs, for every development environment. From the characterization and integration of a new ERP system to development of modifications and add-ons to an existing system.


The SAP Division fields experts in integrating SAP solutions in organizations. Our implementation and building of solutions is based on extensive knowledge and experience of more than 15 years in advising and implementing business processes in the areas of finance, logistics and human resources.
The core activity includes implementing and integrating SAP ERP systems as a custom tailored solution for the organization's specific content worlds and for the multi-dimensional processes taking place in it. Whether it be SAP Business Suite systems for large enterprises, in niche sectors, or SAP Business All-In-One systems for large and medium-size enterprises, our SAP experts match the right solution to the needs of your organization by developing, implementing and operating personalized solutions for complex systems, with emphasis on a commitment to excellence and to overcoming the attendant challenges in implementing ERP systems in organizations.
Taldor is Israel's leading company in implementing SAP Best Practices methodologies. Methodology that enables use of structured and proven business processes typical of the industries relevant to the client as the basis for quick and highly efficient characterization of an ERP system for the organization. Taldor specializes in implementation using SAP's Solution Manager platform, which serves as a superior management tool in the lifecycle of the whole integrated information system in the organization.
Taldor's edge lies in the extensive experience it has accumulated in implementing SAP ERP systems in leading organizations in their respective fields, such as the Excellence Nesua Investment House, the Shufersal Chain, Amiad, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Defense, the Israel Electric Corporation, Biosense, hi-tech company Visonic, a future medical center, etc. Taldor's knowledge and experience in implementing SAP systems, coupled with the use of the Best Practices solutions and the Solution Manager tool, provided a sound basis for cost reductions and shortened time schedules.
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