Managed Services

Taldor's managed services provide organizations with immediate, efficient and cost-effective solutions both in terms of equipment and in terms of service.

Our services will guide you through the digital world, in a manner tailored to your needs and to the needs of the new customer in a dynamic and changing world. Your organizational information systems are critical for routine operations, and must therefore function at their best at all times. Desktop computers, mobile users, self-service kiosks, payment solutions, etc. must all operate 24/7 everywhere, be service oriented and deliver excellent service.

Self-service kiosks

Market leadership, with over 8,000 kiosks deployed countrywide, providing quick, first-rate service 24/7. We have extensive experience in providing automation solutions for manual processes that benefit both our clients and the consumer audience, including information kiosks, checks and cash deposit self-service kiosks for the financial and retail markets, and kiosks for vehicle license renewal. voucher payments, queue management, ticketing, and coupon issuing, etc. Our experts are experienced in developing solutions for self-service kiosks in areas such as finance, medicine, retail, lottery, mail, governance, as well as in-house services within the organization.
Our track record in developing service kiosks makes us well-placed to provide efficient, automated service in a whole range of areas, around-the-clock. With partnerships with the top manufacturers in Israel and worldwide, such as Diebold Nixdorf, we can offer you the kiosks best suited to your need, from information-only display kiosks to smart vending machines. Various devices can be integrated, such as advanced touchscreens, magnetic cards, document scanners, and barcode readers, etc.
As part of the development process, Taldor will help you develop and build an interface suited to your audience, with emphasis on ease-of-use for all users. As always, Taldor will accompany you throughout the integration stage, until the systems are up and running and operating successfully on a routine basis. Backed by a team of experts and advanced integration solutions, we will integrate the service kiosks with your organizational information systems, providing you with a comprehensive end-to-end solution.


Taldor has extensive experience in cash deposit and withdrawal machines. We have successfully represented Diebold Nixdorf, the biggest ATM manufacturer in the world, for more than 25 years. Taldor has installed and maintains hundreds of ATMs nationwide for most of the banks in Israel.

Peripheral computer equipment

Taldor strives to provide companies and organizations in all spheres with an accurate and efficient solution to their obvious need to stride forward quickly without looking back. Our service operation is built to provide companies in all market sectors with extensive technical and logistics support; employing over 300 technicians countrywide, it operates five logistic centers on a routine and continuous basis around the country (Haifa, Jerusalem, Petah Tikva, Beer Sheva and Eilat). All this to ensure that our clients benefit from quick, high-quality service so that they can focus on their core business.
Our advanced service centers incorporate all the support capabilities required for back-office operations, including sophisticated repair laboratories, spare-parts warehouses with tens of thousands of item types available immediately, and solutions for a diverse range of application and logistics projects. We can run the organizational support system for you, while preserving intra-organizational service levels. We also offer outsourcing services such as telephone support and Help Desk, as well as on-site or remote network and website maintenance, training and more.
We specialize in managing and coordinating between departments in large organizations, from marketing and operations to all the technology units, including coordination of tasks with external equipment vendors according to the organization's specific needs. We adapt the electricity, logistics and safety infrastructure to upgrades of technology systems, benefiting from synergies with other divisions and teams at Taldor, including first-rate consultants, systems analysts and developers.
We are proud of our fast, immediate and continuous service at any location in Israel. Our experts, who undergo training and certification and regular hands-on experience at the laboratories of the leading manufacturers, are available at all times to deal with over 50,000 service calls every month. Taldor's command and control center is equipped with the latest technology, enabling summoning of experts directly to the client site in record time, and precise segmentation by geographic location and the specific expertise required.
Organizations that strive to lead and to meet their goals should never settle for less than the best. For more than 20 years, Taldor has handled the IT systems of the biggest companies in Israel and led organization-wide upgrades to take the capabilities of organizations to new heights. Regardless of your organization's size, you too can improve availability levels, streamline processes, lower current costs, meet service level agreement objectives and benefit from peace of mind

Payment and settlement

Business settlement solutions, including support for EMV from PAX, one of the world leaders in payment terminals. The solution is based on the proven development skills of Taldor's IT teams, who have developed reliable, easy to operate settlement products secured in accordance with the requirements of the PCI standard and adapted to contend with a diverse range of situations on the ground.
With the EMV standard gaining traction in Israel, this is the time to upgrade your handheld terminals to the latest top-quality models of the world's third-largest and fastest growing company.
In addition to its technological superiority, Taldor's edge in payment solutions is augmented by its technical support and customer service operation, which is well versed in the needs of the retail sector at all levels and is committed to a stringent SLA. Taldor's advanced support and maintenance operation is deployed the length and breadth of Israel and staffed by courteous and professional personnel. Taldor's technicians access the settlement terminal from the contact center and resolve problems remotely. Businesses benefit from swift repairs and immediate replacement of the settlement device, as necessary.

Digital billboards

A comprehensive solution: professional screens from the leading manufacturers, information management software, set up and maintenance
• Boardrooms
• Lobby and elevators
• Public space
• Shelf strips

Bottle recycling points

Revendo 9010 - an innovative machine that accepts bottles requiring a deposit
The machine includes:
• Bottle infeed unit
• Compactor for metal products - cans
• Compactor mechanism for plastics products - PET
• Two storage compartments for compacted products (one for plastic, one for cans)
• Touchscreen for the customer
• Thermal printer for slips
• Infeed guide and sorting on table, with a capacity for 180 glass containers
• Savings of hundreds of thousands of ILS per machine and a rapid return on the investment
• Easy collection and insertion of bottles by the customer
• Innovative and advanced machine; enhances the chain's image
• Savings in labor costs
• Savings in bottle storage space
• Readily available and courteous customer service
• Environmentally friendly

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