Taldor provides cloud global hosting solutions on server farms deployed worldwide: in Europe, North America, the Far East, and Israel based on leading global infrastructure solutions.

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Taldor supplies the best server farms in the world, ISO compliant, with 24/7 support in Hebrew, communications from leading vendors, Tier 1 survivability of communications lines to the world, 15 years of extensive experience, and creation of hybrid solutions on the same network.

Cloud Solutions

Private: built exclusively for the organization with VMWare, vCloud Managed
Public: hosting in an existing cloud with the predominant market leaders: AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure
Hybrid: physical servers at a Taldor data center, integrated by a direct connection to the public cloud vendors

DevOps as a Service

Our experts are highly skilled in managing your environment, wherever it may be - on physical hardware on server farms, in your private cloud, or in the Taldor or AWS/ Azure public cloud
• Characterization: we start with the architecture that is right for you based on the technologies that you choose
• Setup: installation of the infrastructure/ machines/ services on your infrastructure or on ours
• Management: 24/7 monitoring of the system, response to queries, documentation of the knowledge, performance of backups, and maintenance of the system and the components installed on it
• A team of experts in all fields: Windows, Linux, VMware, AWS, Azure, SQL
• 24/7 support in Hebrew
• 30,000 monitoring actions at any given moment
• Proactive prevention and providing an immediate response to breakdown faults
• Preserving the organizational knowledge
• A big-picture perspective, from the hardware, to the communications, to the operating systems, to the level of the software installed on the servers
• Fully managed ancillary solutions: WAF, application monitoring, Puppet, and more

Hosting / Co-location

Taldor enables clients to store their equipment on some of the world's best servers, with a global spread.
Hosting from the level of the individual unit, to a rack, to a cage.
The IP addresses provided by Taldor are under its LIR. Hence, if necessary, they can be moved throughout the world between different server farms.
• Extensive international spread
• The very best server farms in the world, ISO compliant
• 24/7 support in Hebrew
• Communications from leading vendors, with survivability
• Tier 1 communications lines
• Forwarding and importing equipment
• Extensive experience of 15 years
• Cloud Ready


The world's leading monitoring and command-and-control system with over 200,000 customers, including: Apple, Cisco, etc.
The system analyzes and monitors the performance of networks, applications, systems and local databases, in a hybrid environment or in the cloud, and enables a single holistic solution for all the monitoring and management needs.

The system makes all the elements of your critical services accessible so that you can manage them efficiently, simply and with ease from a single dashboard.
• Smart network alerts
• A proactive system delivering insights and automation
• Monitoring of hardware from different vendors
• One dashboard for all the information
• Monitoring that is expandable to scripts and personalized applications
• Real-time changes to settings and to devices
• Agentless
• Locating a fault even before it has transpired


Taldor's team of experts will characterize the solution that is right for you, build it right in the cloud, and manage it for you with automation tools at every level (cloud, operating system, and application levels).
• Planning the right architecture in the cloud
• Building the environment in the cloud, taking into account considerations of survivability/ redundancy/ avoidance of vendor lock
• Intelligent use of various cloud services: Web App, Azure DB, etc.
• Monitoring of the environment 24/7, both in terms of performance/ availability and in terms of security
• DR projects from cloud to cloud or from on-premises to cloud
• Lowering costs by means of hybrid solutions
• One invoice for all the services
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