Taldor is prominent among Israeli organizations helping organizations benefit from the most advanced solutions available on the world market customized to suit their specific needs.

Taldor is a senior partner of many organizations in all sectors, from the financial, industrial, and high-tech sectors, to the defense and public sectors. We build organizational systems for the leading banks and insurance companies, help municipalities and HMOs switch to computer systems in the cloud, accompany high-tech companies in developing big data and mobile capabilities, and develop dedicated tools for defense agencies. We have strategic partnerships with the world's leading software companies and makers. With a staff of hundreds of Israel's top development personnel, we provide clients with swift, budget-smart service.

Big Data & Data Science

Taldor implements big data solutions in tandem with the organization's existing BI systems and tools, enriching the data, information and models with real-time data and with rapid new insights. We implement a wide variety of big data tools and infrastructures, both in the area of distributed computing (MPP) and in real-time analysis, and partner with leading makers such as Dell EMC, IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft, etc., as well as using a diverse range of open-source products.
Companies from all sectors that have implemented big data solutions testify that their perspective has been truly changed, enabling them to produce new organizational insights, such as identifying and predicting significant events in the life of clients around the time of their occurrence, enriching the client profile in order to implement personalization, improving and increasing the efficiency of risk management and fraud prevention, preventing money-laundering, etc., and enabling them to streamline operations and reduce costs in the process.
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Development of web and mobile applications

Taldor is a market leader and expert in web and mobile areas in Israel. We specialize in diverse technological worlds and development in PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java and .net. We have also built up extensive expertise in client-side development using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Our expertise in mobile includes development for iOS and Android, using advanced technologies such as: React Native, Cordova, Ionic 2 and Angular 2. We also offer an array of infrastructure solutions with the aid of experienced DevOps staff.

UX/UI Frontend Studio services

Specialization in developing applications and user interfaces for the Internet, mobile and the Internet of Things.
Open source technology such as Node.js, Angular and React. The combination of these technologies with an in-house design studio enables us to build products and exclusive user interfaces to Silicon Valley standards in very short time frames.
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Digital accessibility solutions

Taldor helps public organizations and financial and retail companies make the services they provide to the public accessible, by providing accessibility to documents, websites and mobile apps, service and information kiosks, and direction instructions systems, etc.
As a leading integrator in the Israeli market, Taldor helps clients to optimize accessibility to complex websites, and continues to maintain accessibility to the sites, in order to ensure compliance with the accessibility standards even of dynamic sites that are constantly changing.
Taldor offers a unique, groundbreaking simple and easy solution for document accessibility, called ComposeDoc; - within a few days of receipt of the document, it is accessibility compliant without any need for format changes.
In addition, as a leading creator and operator of service and information kiosks in Israel, Taldor carries the banner of accessibility values and complies with the accessibility laws in order to provide people with disabilities with a fast and efficient service experience.
A key product that we integrate in public, financial and retail information and service kiosks is TTS, a speech engine for those who have difficulty reading, which converts written text to audio files in multiple languages. TTS can be supplemented with a headphone jack to connect the audio to a speaker, which then delivers the audio files to the consumer of the service in a clear and lucid manner.
Taldor also collaborates with Israeli company Mehalev to implement the following sophisticated aids for the visually impaired, hard of hearing and people with other disabilities:
• Step Hear: provides vocal guidance to people with disabilities. The system consists of an audio component installed in strategic locations such as information kiosks, building entrances, elevators, etc. and a portable remote control with a button that when pressed, allows users to listen to audio directions instructions.
• Loop Hear: an audio system for hearing aids that helps the hard of hearing make use of information and service kiosks throughout the country by transmitting audio-phonic information directly into their hearing aid.
• Call Hear: helps people with disabilities having difficulty obtaining service at information kiosks to summon human help from within the establishment responsible for the service kiosk.

Core banking and financial solutions

Taldor's rich and longstanding experience in providing comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective end-to-end services to the banking, insurance and investments sector has positioned it the dominant IT player among the top financial institutions in Israel.
As part of Taldor's vast portfolio in the financial sector, and in line with its strategy of innovation and leadership, Taldor is the exclusive marketer in Israel of products from Infosys Finacle, a world leader in core banking services and solutions for the financial sector - the ranking accorded it by Gartner and Forrester for the past 10 years.
Taldor has served as local integrator and full business partner of Infosys Finacle for many years now.
We provide them with professional project building and operation services, both in banking and in technology.
We also represent subcontractors required in order to deliver a complete, holistic solution.
360 degree implementation capabilities Groundbreaking solutions. Staff of the highest caliber. Off-the-shelf products from leading global companies. Transparency and fairness in our work relationships with our clients. These are the attributes that make us well-placed to give financial organizations a lasting business edge.

Smart cities and GIS

Taldor has taken the extensive know-how it acquired in integrating sensors in IoT projects, such as a national system for managing the firefighting service, transit station at the Israel Electric Corporation, etc. and utilized it for the benefit of smart cities. Taldor has developed and integrated a garbage management system in many cities around the country; and recently, it even expanded its offerings by joining forces with leading technology manufacturers from Israel and the world over to supply sensors in any field needed in Israeli cities today.
Taldor solutions for smart cities:

Traditional solutions: Safe City
Sensors to monitor noise, air pollution, gas and cameras
Passive and active communications infrastructures
Data center infrastructures
Control rooms for incident monitoring and management
Information and cyber security
Unique solutions – Taldor
• WCS system
Waste Control System
An IoT system for full control of garbage collection.
• Installing sensors and/or RFID
• Planning and tracking truck movements and waste disposal
• Online alerts of truck location: travel out of boundaries, no transmission, truck loitering
• Control of collection from semi-buried garbage containers: savings in collection costs based on monitoring the volume of the contents of the semi-buried container, alerts concerning future collection, alert about a rise in temperature, displacement, etc. High survivability and the ability to withstand extreme conditions.
• Transit station management: identification of trucks and contractors, control of truck weight, weighing certificates, interface to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and specific reports
Advanced mobile apps, including:
• Receipt of truck alerts in real-time
• Accessibility of the information: availability from anywhere
• Dashboard
• Search
• Map (GIS)
Supplementary solutions:
• Special city-improvement apps
• Cameras and sensors
• GIS solutions, surveys and mapping
• Maestro command & control system for emergencies and routine operations
• Advanced information services and professional staff
• Interfacing to systems such as municipal hotlines (106) and developing interfaces to other systems according to the client's requirements
Customer case study:
Upon commissioning of the system in Givatayim, the actual number of garbage cans lifted and tipped into the garbage trucks was checked, and it transpired that collection was only 70% out of the expected 100%.
The significance:
• Savings of 30% in payments to contractors for garbage collection, which covered the cost of the system already at the outset!
• Removal of unnecessary waste collection containers from the streets
• Calculation and validation of the disposal routes
• Maestro system
An advanced system for management of contacts with residents during normal operations and in emergencies
An end-to-end integrated solution that equips local authorities with maximized control of the goings on in their jurisdiction and to ensure the security and welfare of their residents. At the heart of the system is software that assigns tasks to various municipal entities, based on a broad range of predefined emergency and normal operations scenarios. When the system is activated based on a specific emergency or normal operations scenario, the officeholders receive an immediate alert and a list of action items, including deployment of forces and equipment, allocation of vehicles, and staffing of strategic points in the municipality's jurisdiction.
During the incident, the system manager tracks tasks implementation on the screen in real time, examines collaborations with external agencies such as the Israel Police and the National Fire and Rescue Authority, and assigns additional tasks according to developments on the ground. The Maestro system is synchronized with an advanced GIS system that provides dynamic geographic information and a visual snapshot of events on the ground, and helps the various parties to manage the incident from the start until the restoration of order and return to normal operations.
The advantage of the Maestro system is a fast, accurate and efficient response to a diverse range of municipal scenarios. The system is designed to integrate with ease into the core command-and-control system of the local authorities and to be mastered quickly by the various parties who operate it on a day-to-day basis.

Microsoft Dynamic XRM

Development on a flexible Microsoft platform so that organizations can build systems that have better control over information transferred between different departments, and optimize integration between all the systems in use in the organization. What sets XRM apart is the ease with which the needs of each and every customer can be optimally catered to, including small and medium-size organizations. XRM applications also significantly reduce development time and are sufficiently flexible to incorporate development done in different environments, such as SharePoint, GIS, etc., as well as being able to integrate into big and complex projects.
As a Microsoft senior partner, Taldor set up a highly competent XRM operation that executes end-to-end projects in major organizations in Israel in need of the quality and flexibility that this new and innovative development platform has to offer. Taldor also developed an XRM based platform for the Maccabiah Games, including remote registration of participants, online management of medical data, real-time reservation of air tickets and hotel accommodation, and an external portal for the athletes, etc. Taldor also provides XRM development solutions to organizations in the Government sector.

Microsoft Sharepoint

It is an advanced Microsoft platform that enables integrated management of information and content in intra- and extra- organizational channels. As a Microsoft business partner, Taldor has extensive experience in using and extending SharePoint by undertaking development and implementation on the platform. With experience based on dozens of varied projects, Taldor's SharePoint Division focuses on several key areas, including planning and building of enterprise portals, and building of websites, knowledge management systems, and document management systems, etc. We are also experts in upgrading and migrating data to a SharePoint environment, and implementing advanced applications.
We provide solutions and oversee every part of the project, from compilation of the requirements and gathering of information to characterization of the system as a whole, graphic design, development, testing, integration and training. Our clients include the Israel Securities Authority, which has a site based on SharePoint 2013, and which has benefited from the development and maintenance of an advanced and informative website.
We are also very proud of the SharePoint platform that we implemented for the Rabbinical Courts. We developed an image enhancing website for the Courts, including up-to-date information about its activities, and query-based searches for information according to topics such as divorce, wills and inheritance, child custody, and Judaism, etc.
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