Our highly professional staff specialize in directing processes throughout the entire lifecycle of projects: consulting, planning, oversight, integration and maintenance.

We serve hundreds of clients in Israel and abroad, across a wide spectrum of sectors, including the defense establishment, government, and the industrial sector. Professional collaborations with leading global vendors of IT infrastructures, such as Cisco, HP, VMWare, Citrix, NetApp, Dell EMC, Symantec, Microsoft and Oracle, etc. ensure that we have unlimited access to information and to groundbreaking innovations, enabling us to custom tailor optimal solutions.

Full Data Center solutions

:End-to-end communications and infrastructures solutions
All Flash Array - solid state storage disk system that contains multiple flash memory drives
SDDC Solutions: the latest solutions from the leading makers: VMware, Dell EMC VxRail, and Cisco HyperFlex.
Backup Solutions: extensive knowledge and long-standing experience with clients, including partnerships with leading manufacturers: Dell EMC, Veeam


Automation infrastructures enable organizations to conduct repetitive processes in a precise computer-automated manner, affording major savings in time and labor. These processes include monitoring, control, feedback, alerts, backups, routine servicing and more.
Taldor specializes in setting up automation servers and infrastructures at data centers designed to "do more with less": automatic allocation of physical and virtual servers, management of IT centers, servicing of end-user stations and more efficient utilization of the organization's workforce by diverting staff to tasks that cannot be automated by computer. Such solutions include special management tools that fully interface with the organization's process management systems.

Business Continuity

Comprehensive business continuity services designed to create architecture solutions that facilitate continuous availability of intra-and extra-organizational IT services in the event of a system crash or disaster.
The fundamentals of the business continuity plan begins with defining a policy: we help our clients to define their organizational needs and to understand the whole range of roles played by technology in the organization; who does what in the IT Department, what is important to customers, etc.
Defining a policy is followed by characterization: we will examine the client's infrastructures, build a backup system, prepare the restore plan, and examine the applications needed for optimal implementation of the policy. We will prepare the groundwork for managing a broad-based infrastructure, reduced disaster recovery times, and high-availability.
Our partnership with the makers of the leading products in the field, such as VPLEX, SRM, Viper, MetroCluster and Enterprise Vault, help us to synchronize databases, to build a central storage system and to prepare the infrastructure for business continuity involving a whole array of solutions managed by a shared resource management entity.

Operating systems and infrastructure

Taldor specializes in planning, implementing and optimizing enterprise operating systems in all the work environments (Microsoft, Linux, Unix) and suitable service infrastructures, such as electronic mailboxes, registration and sign-in applications, and more.
We are also one of Israel's leading companies in the monitoring, control and maintenance of Oracle and SQL Server databases. We offer the database services of our Service Center, including log analyses and error detection, checking of backup and restores, performance, fault prevention, performance tuning, upgrades, conversions and more, while providing a quick and accurate response to clients' needs 24/7.

Information lifecycle management

Information lifecycle management
Integral to its data center solutions, Taldor provides organizations in all sectors with an information lifecycle management framework that includes storage, backup and archiving. We combine the knowledge and the expertise to manage and preserve the organization's vast information in a smart, accessible and cost-effective manner.
Our storage solutions include data utilization, compression, detection of identical "blocks", availability and the correct decompression ahead of backups. We offer our clients a wide variety of storage solutions according to specific profiles.
Our backup experts execute smart, object-level backups, as well as a whole range of preventive actions, such as restore, copy backups, duplicate data identification (high compression ratio), and more. During archiving, we build modules of accessible data based on the level of importance of the information and the client's specific requirements. Over the years, we have accumulated extensive knowledge in implementing data backup and archiving solutions that incorporate the following technologies and features:
• Central data center backups
• Branch backups and data replication to the main site
• End user station/ mobile station backups
• Backup to tape/ backup to disk and a combination of the two
• Local and remote DR backups and restore
• Comprehensive management and monitoring of the backup solution
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